Fit and Healthy 2015

Who is Rob Medsger?
Ted's Thoughts

They say that when you are uncomfortable enough and doing nothing has become painful enough, you will take action. You will create change.

I was standing in Target one day with my best friend and business partner and I had had enough. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and the thought of doing nothing for one more day had become so painful, it was no longer an option. Over the previous year, I had been seeing this truck around town and an ad for the same trainers and their gym. Standing there in Target at that moment, it was clear to me that was no coincidence. So I turned to the BFF and we had a conversation that pretty much ended with, "...and you're coming with me and that's all there is to it," and I dialed the phone number. I knew if I didn't seize that moment, right then and there, it would be another who knows how long (if ever) before I was presented with another moment like that.

I was almost in tears as my story spilled out into the phone. My relationship had ended. I had an unreasonable client whom I let erode my self-confidence. I was paralyzed by my own life. I was stuck in a place that I didn't recognize with a body that I didn't recognize, and I needed help. It wasn't until I started talking that I realized just what a mess I was and what had happened to my life. And in that moment I knew, I just knew, that if I didn't get help soon I would disappear into a nothingness that would forever consume me.

Rob was on the other end of that phone. He helped me save myself. He's so much more than a trainer to me. He's my friend. He's my family. More than any of that, he sees me. He never lets me forget that I matter. He shined a light on my path and helped me find the courage to walk it again. And he loves his furkid ... what more do you need? I love this man.