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February 2018


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This month, as the Southern Hemisphere snuggles into the depths of winter and the Northern Hemisphere moves deeper into the heat of summer, the Americas pause to celebrate the birth of a nation.

Our nation – The United States of America – is 241 years young this year, and for the most part, we’ve never looked better. Yes, we’ve got problems and some issues that we need to work out. And yes, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes. But we also have this drive to move forward … to improve … to change. We’ve got this fierce determination to make things better and find our way to a better, bigger, brighter day. And then there’s the independence.

July is all about independence. Mostly our independence as a country, brought about by numerous events and people that changed and shaped our history. In our Wednesday Afternoon Reading Series, we’re taking a closer look at several of these pioneers as we spotlight some of the leaders that have fought against seemingly insurmountable odds to not just create but also to implement the changes that got us here. And we’ve got a special Friday series focusing on a few of the events that gave birth to these United States of America.

Additionally, we’ve got the lowdown on the things that make celebrations brighter and often more terrifying, at least for most furkidz — fireworks.

And if that isn’t enough, we are bringing you another Quick ’n Easy meal idea that is so quick and so easy, it almost makes itself. Top it all off with my monthly welcome message and you’ve got a month full of everything that makes you, and this country, great — history, determination, inspiration, health, independence, invention and hope.

So lets get our independence on and celebrate ... together.

See you next month. Until then, be willing...


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